Poulan Leaf Blower and Poulan Pro Leaf Blower

Poulan leaf blower like the Poulan Pro Leaf Blower offer lightweight, quiet leaf-grass moving clean-air power in a gas powered leaf blower or optional electric leaf blowers.

Leaf Blower - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

Poulan Pro Leaf Blower . Poulan engineering created the Poulan Pro gas powered blower with the just-right combination of performance features, reliability and economy for leaf-grass-debris clearing.

  • Clean Air Power. The Poulan Pro Gas Vacuum Blower BVM-200 generates 200 mph output air velocities at 400 cubic feet per minute ... big time controllable power to direct at even stubborn wet piles of leaves, hedge trimmings or grass.
  • Leaf Blower Vacuum . A combination leaf blower mulcher, the Poulan Pro Leaf Blower supports a vacuum accessory, quick attachment to create 16:1 ratio reduction of garden debris for easy clean-up.
  • Extended Mobility & Advantage Over Elect ric Leaf Blowers. The Poulan Pro Gas Vacuum Blower BVM-200 offers homeowners a clear-cut advantage over cord-connected electric leaf blowers. Just as light as an electric, yet the Poulan Pro leaf blower can go anywhere on your property, without tangled cords or electrical cords suddenly coming unplugged and stopping your work!

Poulan Weedeater Gas Leaf Blower . Another great Poulan power tool for the outside, the Poulan Weedeater 18cc Featherlite Gas Blower FL1500LE, gives you design benefits including:-

  • Lightweight Easy To Work. Just 7 pounds for all-day or short task work comfort, the Poulan Weedeater Gas Leaf Blower is one of the lightest most effective gas leaf blowers on the market.
  • Work Air Power Profile . The Poulan Weedeater Gas Leaf Blower generates an eco-friendly clean work-air force measured at 150 mph and 300 cubic feet per minute ... perfect for lawn and flower bed clean-ups, back deck, driveway, garage and more.
  • Multi-Speed Throttle For Improved Control. The Poulan leaf blower Weedeater model is vibration-dampened for comfort, offers a relaxed ergonomic grip plus a 2-speed throttle so that you can direct just the right amount of air-force to clean a lawn, or delicate plantings.
  • Low L eaf Blower Noise Level . The Poulan Weedeater 18cc Featherlite Gas Blower FL1500LE works full throttle at 68 decibels ... which may exceed the noise ordinance standards in certain states like California.
  • Upgrade To Poulan Pro 25 cc Gas Blower BVM200LE . A handheld leaf blower, 400 cubic feet per minute work-air force, operator weight under 14 pounds, easy conversion to a leaf blower mulcher vac reducing clippings and leaves by 16:1 ratio for fast, effective clean-ups.

Poulan Leaf Blower

Poulan Weedeater Electric Blower. An ultra light 5 pound electric leaf blower, the Weedeater Electric Blower 2510 generates air-output velocities at 110 mph based on a single-speed 7.5 amp electric motor, which throws out 66 decibels of work noise.

Poulan Leaf Blower Parts . Poulan power equipment ... from Poulan leaf blowers to Poulan hedge trimmers and Poulan string trimmers or Poulan chain saws ... is well supported by local or Internet-based replacement parts and customer service. Literally 100s of Poulan leaf blower accessory parts ... such as expanded flare nozzles for improved working ... are constantly being inventoried and at competitive Internet prices.



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