Yard Machines Leaf Blower ... Yard Machines 24A652D700 For High Capacity

Yard Machines Leaf Blower designs by MTD leaf blower, like the walk behind 5 hp Yard Machines 24A652D700 generate 200 mph focused wind power to quickly clean grass, leaves, debris from lawns garage decks driveway carport and sidewalks.

Leaf Blower - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

When Big Job Capacity Is Needed! The Yard Machines 24A652D700 clears debris like the best of commercial leaf blower designs.

Yard Machines 5 HP Leaf Blower. The Yard Machines 24A652D700 combines mobility, power for clearing huge areas quickly. Design pluses for the Yard Machines Leaf Blower include:-

1. Reliable Work Power. The Yard Machines 24A652D700 produces work power from a job-quickening 5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine.

2. “Work Wind” Power Profile. Forget about those wee handheld leaf blowers ... huffing and puffing away ... when you can get some work muscle into your clean-up via the Yard Machines 24A652D700 1900 cubic feet per minute wind output, traveling at 200 mph.

3. Ease Of Mobility In A Rugged Walk Behind Leaf Blower. Although the Yard Machines Leaf Blower is a muscular brute at 125 pounds when assembled, the use of 5 ” front wheels and large 12” X 3” rear pneumatic wheels dramatically increases ease-of-use while radically lowering rolling resistance. No messy cords like electric leaf blowers. No sudden power drops like battery leaf blowers.

MTD Yard Machines Leaf Blower

4. Work-Sized Gas Tank For Big Job Work Capacity. The Yard Machines Leaf Blower Model 24A652D700 supports its power, mobility and long work “reach” with a 2 quart gas tank. Work result? You’ll be able to handle lawns or hard surfaces of over ½ acre yet still have plenty of reserve capacity.

5. Yard Machines 24A652D700Advantages Over Backpack Leaf Blowers. MTD leaf blower brand Yard Machines Leaf Blower Model 24A652D700 won’t tire you out with straps and harnesses. Just roll the Yard Machines into place and go! Power differences? No need to pack 125 pounds unless you’re a Marine in training ... the Yard Machines Leaf Blower delivers 1900 cubic feet per minute of grass-leaf-debris moving power for quick, thorough clean-ups.




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