Yardman Gas Leaf Blower Vacuum - YM 320 and 3100 Blowers

When shopping for Yardman Gas Leaf Blower Vacuums, choose from two handheld models. The QuickShift gas leaf blower vacs come in model YM320BV or YMGBV3100.

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Yardman is an official sponsor of NASCAR because they've proven themselves to be innovative leaders in the world of lawn and garden products. Yardman is operated by MTD Products. MTD has more than 75 years of experience creating cost effective, durable products. Following the launch of their first lawnmower in 1958, MTD has become a leader in everything from lawn tractors to leaf blowers.

Yardman Gas Leaf Blower Vacuum QuickShift YM320BV

The Yardman Gas Leaf Blower Vacuum QuickShift YM320BV comes with a powerful 31cc two-cycle engine. The engine starts easily thanks to a primer/recoil starter system.

Because the leaf blower has a vacuum system, it comes with a rigid mulching blade that shreds leaves at a 10 to 1 ratio. More leaves fit into the one bushel vacuum bag, it's included. If you send your leaves to the area recycling facility, you'll need fewer trash bags. If you use it for mulch or compost, a lot of the work is already done because the leaves are shred.

Once started, the leaf blower vac offers variable speed control and reaches top air speeds of 200 miles per hour. You can quickly clear decks, patios, stairways, driveways and more in less than an hour. You're left with more time to spend with family and friends or to simply kick back and enjoy the work you've done.

Yardman Gas Leaf Blower Vacuum QuickShift YMGBV3100

Many features of the Yardman Gas Leaf Blower Vacuum QuickShift YMGBV3100 are similar to those of the YM320BV. The engine size is the same, but the blower tube is wider. You cover more area in a faster time span. The wider tube does decrease the air velocity to 180 miles per hour.

The Yardman Gas Leaf Blower Vacuum QuickShift YMGBV3100's vacuum bag attaches quickly to the unit making it easy to remove, empty and then replace. You'll spend less time fussing to get it back on the leaf blower vac and more time cleaning up your yard. Yard work is done quickly leaving you plenty of time to kick back and relax.

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