Yardman Leaf Blower ... Electric and Gas Powered Leaf Blower Vacuums

Yardman Leaf Blower designs like YMESV1300 or YM320BV are quiet performance combination leaf blower vacs perfect for driveway, lawn, deck garage clean-ups.

Leaf Blower - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

Pure Convenience Electric Leaf Blower.
Get the advantages of clean instant-on power for handling virtually any outdoor surface clean-up:-

1. Eco Friendly Clean Power From Electric Yardman Leaf Blower . Check out the electric Yardman YMESV1300 for clean non-polluting power delivered into your leaves, grass, dirt and debris.

2. Power Source. 120volt 2 amp quiet work horse.

3. Job Site Power Profile. The electric Yardman leaf blower Model YMESV1300 will deliver around 157 mph of hurricane-like work winds which you can discretely target to any clean-up area. Made by MTD leaf blower design team.

4. Converts To Leaf Blower Mulcher. The electric Yardman carries a powerful long-life impeller design which creates 10:1 mulching and compression of any vegetable matter that you scoop up.

5. Handy Lawn Leaf Blower Bag . Vacuum ... mulch then takeaway your cuttings in the snap on Yardman 1 bushel capacity leaf blower bag. Makes clean-up quick and tidy.

Yardman Gas Powered Leaf Blower Vacuum.
Get your hands on some serious muscle power with the portable gas leaf blower by Yardman:-

1. Power Outputs For Outdoor Surface Clean-ups. With the Yardman gas leaf blower Model YM320BV, you’ll get 200 mph output.

2. Power Plant - 2 Stroke Engine. Based on a hard-working, lightweight, 2 stroke 31cc engine the Yardman Model YM320BV extends your work mobility to any where you can walk to!

3. Variable Speed Control Adjusts To Work Needs. The Yardman handheld leaf blower gives you instant-on variable speed control. Result? You can finesse leaves and debris for easy clean-up ... or reduce leaf blower noise when passerby traffic comes near.

4. No Special Tools To Switch Over To A Leaf Blower Mulcher. Like its electric counterpart, the Yardman Model YM320BV easily converts to a leaf blower vacuum mulcher work machine ... a task-designed impeller that crushes debris with a 10:1 reduction efficiency. The Yardman snap on leaf blower bag, with 1 bushel hauling capacity, makes quick work of leaves, grass and debris.

Yardman Leaf Blower

Gas Powered Leaf Blower - Yardman Model YMGBV3100.

1. Work-Air-Power Profile. Get 425 cubic feet per minute of work-air ... literally galloping out of your Yardman leaf blower nozzle at 185 mph!

2. Easy Starts For Hassle Free Operation. The Yardman Model YMGBV3100 gives you reliable, easy starts with a primer-recoil assembly tied to the Yardman 2 cycle 31cc engine.

3. Easy Changeover To A Leaf Blower Mulcher. Yardman designs for the “total job”. The Yardman YMGBV3100 gas leaf blower effortlessly switches over to a leaf mulcher vac unit ... 10:1 reduction ratio resulting from the critically engineered high impact impeller unit. Clean-up occurs while you vacuum mulch ... the Yardman leaf blower bag holds 1 bushes of “stuff”, and with a quick zip unloads to your compost area.


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