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New cabinet knobs can transform your kitchen or bathroom. But there are a few things you should knob before you run out and buy them. They should be durable and easy to care for, because you want decorative knobs and hardware that suite your lifestyle.

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If you have been to a home improvement store or kitchen and bath design store recently than you know first hand that there are literally thousands of kitchen cabinet knobs to choose from.

This is great from a decorating or design perspective, but what about functionality? Will antique drawer pulls stand up to heavy use? Will the finish on the shinny brass knobs survive frequent cleanings with detergents? What you want are cabinet knobs that will look good for years to come without any special attention. Who wants high maintenance knobs?

Cabinet door knobs that see a lot of use must be durable and easy to clean. They must also be resistant to cleaning solvents. When you shop around be sure to ask the sales representative about how to care for the finishes of the knobs you are looking at. It may surprise you to know that even common everyday dish soap will cause come types of metallic finished to break down. That is why most hardware manufacturers recommend cleaning cabinet knobs and drawer knobs with a damp towel and a mild soap. For this reason, you will probably want to consider knob materials that are more resistant to repeated cleanings.

Many manufacturers today are recommending hypo-allergenic materials for cabinet door knobs and cupboard knobs. Stainless steel is a hype-allergenic material that is one of the most resistant knob materials and a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms. It naturally resists dirt and grime and looks great cleaning after cleaning.

When you start to shop for your cabinet knobs you will find an almost infinite variety of materials and designs:

Cabinet Knobs

Knobs can be found in every shape from star fish to stick figures. The more important decision however is the basic material. Again, for your lifestyle you need to decide whether brass, chrome, stainless steel, ceramic, glass, or any of the other materials is best for you. Less expensive versions have a finish as opposed to being a particular metal throughout. Although slightly less durable, a finish can be a more economical choice. Common finish colors are silver, gold and bronze, and any of these finishes can be offered in matt or shine.

Whatever cabinet knobs you choose for your home, be sure to let them reflect your personal style. Don't worry what the Jones' have on their kitchen and bathroom cabinets; let your cabinet knobs say something about you.


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