Antique Drawer Pulls vs. Antique Reproduction Drawer Pulls

Looking for just the right antique drawer pulls for your period kitchen or Victorian armoire? Quickly and easily locate authentic drawer pulls from a particular time period or choose readily available Victorian brass reproductions.

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Westerners have rediscovered period hardware like antique drawer pulls. They are putting them on antique cabinetry and furniture as well as brand new and contemporary pieces for an eclectic look.

Many people have found that antique drawer pulls and other hardware are not just for restoring old homes and furniture, but are a stylish way to jazz up ordinary kitchen cabinets or a nondescript dresser.

The dilemma when considering antique pulls that most people face is whether to go with true antiques or reproductions. Both will look great. So let's look at the differences. There are several routes you can take if you are looking for authentic antique drawer pulls, Victorian brass cup pulls or hammered copper Arts and Crafts drawer pulls. Flea markets are fun no matter what your mission. But it is not the fastest way to go about your search. The flea markets are not always frequent or on convenient days. Also, they don't tend to carry large quantities. This may not work for you if you have an entire kitchen to accessorize with cabinet knobs and drawer pulls.

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Salvage companies are a great bet for authentic antique hardware. You can find one by looking through your local yellow pages or searching on the Internet under antique hardware or antique architectural elements. These places usually have very organized inventory and a lot of it. Plan to spend a full day if you have a large shopping list to fill. You can also count on spending a nice piece of change. Authentic hardware that is in good shape is also in high demand and will come with a high price tag. Spending big bucks for a single antique drawer pull for your medicine cabinet, liquor cabinet or jewelry armoire is not so bad, but if you have an entire kitchen or bathroom to outfit, you could get in over your head.

If quality reproductions will suite your purpose, shopping just got a whole lot easier:

Most home improvement store will carry a fair selection. However, if you are looking for unique styles and a quality piece of hardware, look to the specialty stores that focus on restoration. Most of these places have a store you can visit as well as a website and catalogs. This makes shopping quick and easy. These stores will also be able to provide you with higher quantities and offer you much lower prices.

Regardless of whether you choose to shop for authentic antique drawer pulls or fabulous imposters, you will add style and beauty to your cabinets, drawers and furniture.


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