Brass Knob - How to Care for Brass Knobs

Do you have wonderfully shiny brass knobs on your kitchen or bathroom cabinets? Want them to stay that way? But how do you care for these lovely accents that are truly the jewelry for your cabinets? It is easy if you know the tricks.

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Most brass knobs that you buy today are protected by a lacquer coating that protects them from wear and scratching. Under normal circumstances, this coating will keep them looking new for many years of service.

If your brass knobs have this advanced lacquer coating then caring for them is a snap. Simply use a cloth moistened with a mild soap and dry them well. Another technique is to wipe them with a soft cloth with beeswax on it. What you don't want to use on your brass knobs under any circumstances are any form of metal cleaner or aerosol sprays. They will eat away at the finish and the brass underneath.

No matter the quality of your brass knobs, after a period of time the lacquer coating will breakdown. How quickly it breaks down is dependent on many things such as use, climate, salt content in the air, cleaning, etc. But that doesn't mean the end of your favorite brass knobs. When you notice that the lacquer coating has broken down, remove the knobs from your cabinet doors and drawers. Then coat them, using a soft brush, with acetone thinner according to the manufacturer's instructions. Use a soft cloth to remove all of the softened lacquer. Be sure to completely dry the brass knobs using a soft cloth. Now is the time to bring them back to life. Polish the knobs with a metal polish, such as "Brasso" or "Duraglit". Once polished to their original luster, you can re-lacquer them if you wish. If you choose to, you can leave your knobs un-lacquered and just polish them as needed. The same goes for your brass hinges and other hardware.

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When you buy new brass knobs,

be sure to ask about a warranty and written care instructions. Should your knobs show signs of premature wear due to poor quality control, call the retailer or manufacturer immediately. Don't make the mistake of waiting until the warranty runs out. Under normal circumstances, however, with a little proper care, your brass knobs and hardware will continue to make your kitchen or bathroom look great for years to come.


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