Cabinet Handles - Save an Out-Dated Kitchen

What is the cure for your out-dated kitchen? Expensive demolition and new cupboards? Not necessarily, it could be as easy and inexpensive as screwing on a new cupboard handle.

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If you have an 80's style kitchen that is not yet considered retro, you probably are anxious to make a change. Today the kitchen is not simply a place to prepare meals and wash dishes; it is the heart of the home.

It is where most guests gravitate and where you and your family spend most of your time. The good news is that new cupboard handles could be all you need to invest in to make the most important room in your home look great. It is amazing how new cupboard handles can make dated or bland cupboards come to life.

Now that you know that it is not necessary to do major work that will drain your wallet, you can breath a sigh of relief and start shopping for your cupboard handles. Most hardware stores sell a respectable selection of handles. They tend to be lower-quality handles, however. Home improvement stores offer a much larger selection for you to choose from. The quality of their cupboard handles is low to medium. You won't find any high-quality or custom handles there. If you want the best that money can buy then you need to go to kitchen and bath design stores. If you can afford the best, go for it. When it comes to cupboard handles, the higher the quality the longer they will last and the better they will look. And as you know, they get a lot of use.

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For the largest selection and most competitive prices on cupboard handles, however, you can't beat the Internet. The only drawback is that you don't get to see the handles in person before you purchase them. A good idea, if you have the time, is to request a sample first. Try the sample on a cupboard door and see how you like it. If you are pleased then you can order the balance. This prolongs the gratification of seeing your cupboards all dressed up in their new handles, but keeps you from having to send large quantities of handles back to the manufacturer.

No matter where you shop, look for sale or discount knobs or handles. They are out there and can save you a good amount of money if you are purchasing a large quantity. Wouldn't it be better to buy high end handles for a discount than to buy low quality handles? Of course! Another economical option for shopping for handles or knobs is to buy used. Whether you are looking for antique drawer pulls or contemporary knobs, you can find them used at flea markets or antique shops. The drawback to this type of shopping is that you most likely won't find large quantities.

No matter where you get your new cupboard handles, they are sure to make your old cupboards look like new again. Your friends will ask if you put up new cupboards or painted the old ones. They will be shocked to find that just changing the handles made such a design impact.



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