Make Your Own Cupboard Knobs

Are your cupboard knobs ho um? Make your own one-of-a-kind knobs to dress up your kitchen, bathroom or any room. They are easy and fun to make.

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Your cupboard knobs are often the first thing people notice about your cupboards. Shouldn't they reflect your own unique style? Sure! But aren't custom made cupboard knobs expensive? Sure! That is why you should make our own.

It is easy to do, inexpensive and fun. With just a few easy-to-find materials you can make custom knobs for your kitchen cupboards, bathroom cabinets, TV cabinet, or even your computer armoire. They even make unique and thoughtful gifts. Why not give it a try?

Polymer clay is the secret to these custom cupboard knobs. It is a versatile material and can be shaped into any design or form that your wish. Then it can be varnished for a professional look. Let's say we want to make cupboard knobs for the kitchen for example. Why not make unique handles that look like different kinds of food? You can go crazy with this theme. But for our purposes lets say we are making a knob that looks like a grape cluster.

Supplies for making your own cupboard knobs:

  • Several small wooden knobs from your hardware store (1 inch in diameter)
  • Several 2 oz. bars of polymer clay in your color choices (i.e. purple for grapes, green for leaves)
  • 1 clay cutting tool
  • 1 hole poking tool
  • Clear gloss varnish

Cabinet Knobs

Getting started on your cupboard knobs:

    • Open your polymer clay packages and knead the clay until it becomes soft, squishy and easy to work with
    • Take one small wad of purple and cover the knob with it. Then roll out many little pea-sized balls of purple and attaché them to form a grape cluster. Take a small amount of green clay and roll it into a long skinny snake and fashion to create a grape vine look. Then take another small piece of green and create a grape leaf.
    • Smooth more purple clay onto the under-side of the knob so no edges stick out. The clay should be flush against the wood. Poke a couple of small holes in the back, where they won't be seen, with the hole-poking tool. These holes will serve as air vents, preventing air bubbles from being trapped and causing bulges when the clay is baked.
    • Bake your knob as directed on the polymer clay packaging then let cool completely.
    • When cool, varnish the clay knobs and set them aside to dry thoroughly. It is a good idea to give your knobs two coats of varnish. The varnish will seal the surface and prevent wear and staining.

All that is left for you to do is to put your beautiful new knobs on your cupboards. It is that simple!


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