Glass and Crystal Knobs Add Sparkle

Are you looking for glass & crystal knobs? Fine glass & crystal cabinetry knobs are being crafted today for every décor. So don't think that you have to search through piles of flea market knobs or boxes of salvage store knobs to find what you want. There is a better way.

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Many people think that the only expertly crafted glass & crystal knobs are antiques. That is not the case. Today, manufacturers like Top Knobs and Amerock knobs are creating beautiful antique reproductions, contemporary designs and everything in between.

They are also producing a product that is durable and flawless. Whether you are looking for glass drawer pulls or crystal knobs, finding them is easier than you think.

Most high quality manufacturers of knobs specialize not only in traditional and contemporary designs but in antique reproductions of glass & crystal knobs as well. This is great news for you, the consumer. The fact that so many manufacturers make them has caused the creation of a high quality product at a moderate and competitive price.

The United States has a history of creatively designed and crafted glass & crystal knobs that were both beautiful and functional. However, with the technology that allowed mass production, some of the historic beauty and quality was lost. But it is back. Because Americans never lost the desire for beautifully designed and expertly crafted cabinet hardware, manufacturers started producing it again. However, companies today have not abandoned mass production. What they have done is to add artisans to the production line. The result is an economically produced knob with a handmade look. Clever, no?

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The best part about buying new glass & crystal knobs from a manufacturer is that you can purchase just the quantity you need. If you find antique knobs at a flea market and there are 5 in the set, no matter how much you love the, they just wont do if you need 40. They will, however, work quite nicely on a piece of furniture like an antique armoire or chest of drawers.

If you love the look of glass & crystal knobs, you can breathe a sigh of relief. You are not destined to wander through miles of flea markets. All you need to do is find a reputable manufacturer to buy the glass & crystal knobs of your choice.




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