Discounted Knobs Don't Have to Be a Risk

Do you want the best buy on cabinet knobs? Of course you do. But be careful of what you sacrifice to get it. A smart shopper can get a great price without taking risks.

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Everyplace you look there is a retailer or manufacturer touting discount knobs – the guaranteed lowest prices. Ok. Riddle me this one. How can everyone have the "guaranteed" lowest prices?

The truth is that they can't. It is a marketing ploy and you need to use your own good judgment when purchasing cabinet knobs and cabinet pulls. Go ahead and look for those discount knobs but don't give up the important stuff. What stuff? Let's take a look at what a smart shopper will want.

Quality should never be sacrificed. Take a good look at the knobs and make sure that they are made of a durable material. Ask the salesperson how you can expect particular knobs to wear and how they need to be cared for. Not only do you want your bathroom or kitchen cabinet knobs to be durable but also low maintenance. If knobs are delicate and will easily pit, tarnish or wear from use or cleaning chemicals, they are not a good buy at all.

How do you know a discount knob is really being sold at a discount?

Ask about a price guarantee. Most reputable retailers and manufacturers will offer a guarantee on their prices. Typically they guarantee that if you can find the exact same knob somewhere else for less money, they will refund you the difference plus 10%. This type of guarantee shows you that the retailer or manufacturer is confident in their claim to offer discount knobs.

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Just because you are buying discount knobs does not mean that you don't deserve a guarantee. You do. The guarantee should state that if you receive knobs with manufacturing defects and damages that they will be replaced at no cost. You should also be able to return any unopened merchandise within a specified period of time for any reason for a full refund.

Don't feel that you don't deserve the perks that the people buying full price receive. Free shipping on orders over a certain amount, for instance, should be available on discount knobs too. Remember, you are buying at a discount, you are not getting anything free.

So go ahead and start shopping for your discount knobs. Just keep in mind that shopping smart will ensure that you are happy with your purchase.


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