Glass Drawer Pulls - Victorian, Sea Glass and More

Looking for just the right glass drawer pulls? Victorian glass cabinet pulls and sea glass pulls are always in style. If you have trouble finding them in your local hardware store, don't worry. They are out there; you just need to do a little looking.

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There is nothing more elegant or timeless that you can add to a drawer or cabinet than glass drawer pulls.

Glass and crystal knobs for furniture were some of the very first objects to be produced in America around the early eighteen hundreds. They were a product of the glass-pressing machine. These Victorian glass drawer pulls quickly started replacing the traditional cast or stamped metal ones.

Victorian glass cabinet pulls were originally cut-glass knobs made either from solid glass blanks tooled into shape or from hollow, blown, and tooled blanks. Much manual labor was then put into these pulls from cuts, to sanding and polishing. Less expensive varieties were left uncut or blown into a mold patterned with vertical or swirled ribs to give the illusion of true cut glass.

The greatest technological advancement in glassmaking since the introduction of the blowpipe and glassblowing in ancient Rome was the machine press. It allowed industry to mass produce a wide variety of glass knobs and pulls for furniture, doors and other uses at a low cost.

Sea glass pulls are a more recent design. Made from glass that is tumbled to look like glass that was smoothes by the sea, sea glass pulls have become quite popular. They tend to be a more contemporary look, but can certainly be put on any period piece of furniture or cabinet that you choose. An eclectic look will always be in style.

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Finding these decorative beauties can be a challenge:

Reproductions of Victorian glass drawer pulls can be found in your local home improvement store. If you want authentic antique drawer pulls, your best bet would be a salvage store, flea markets or on the Internet. Sea glass drawer pulls are still quite unique and not often available in hardware stores or home improvement stores. For these you may need to visit specialty kitchen or bath shops, or again, the Internet. When you shop, be sure to look for sales or stores that offer discount pulls. It is always better to get a high quality pull at a deep discount than a low quality pull at a high price. So, be a smart shopper!


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