Display Cabinet - Display Cabinets are Great Flea Market Finds

Looking for a display cabinet but don't have a pile of money to spend? You can find stylish, high quality cabinetry at flea markets if you are willing to do a little hunting. With some vision and elbow grease, the piece you find will add architectural interest and flare to any décor.

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A display cabinet is a must for any collector. But a display cabinet or case doesn't have to be new to be fabulous. If you have a love for flea-markets, second hand shops and antique shops, you are in for a treat. The fact is that just about any cabinet or case can be transformed into a lovely and interesting display cabinet. A bit of refinishing and some new hardware will make what's old look great again – at a price that is better than wholesale.

If you loved treasure hunting at a child, you will love hunting for a unique, one-of-a-kind display cabinet.

But be patient, striking gold at the flea market will take longer than ordering a new cabinet. Also be sure to always carry a tape measure with you. And know ahead of time just how tall and deep the piece can be to fit the space you have in mind. Also be sure to test sturdiness. This is especially important if you collect heavy items like clocks. You don't need to be as concerned if you are creating a shot glass cabinet.

What really matters are the bones. Does the cabinet have good lines and interesting architectural detail? Is it made of a high quality wood? If so, then you are on your way to a beautiful piece of cabinetry. And don't limit yourself to those pieces that look like display cabinets. A lovely corner cabinet or china cabinet will make a perfect display cabinet too.




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