Aquarium Cabinet – What Are Bow Front Aquarium Cabinets?

Looking for an aquarium cabinet? If you have a fish tank, also known as an aquarium, you should consider putting it in an aquarium cabinet. It is the stylish way to integrate your aquarium into the décor of your room.

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If you have already started shopping for aquarium cabinets then you may be wondering what exactly a bow front aquarium cabinet is. Well, bow front aquarium cabinets were designed to house bow front aquariums. A bow front aquarium is different from your standard rectangular aquarium or fish tank in that the front panel of the tank is convex. The bowed front gives you more front viewing area and is thought by aquarium aficionados to create a more interesting aquarium. This bowed front, however, also creates an odd shaped footprint that requires a special stand or cabinet.

A bow front aquarium cabinet is comprised of a stand and a matching canopy that sits on top of the tank. The canopy usually holds light fixtures and gives the tank an overall finished look. In most cases the stand and canopy are purchased at the same time.

Bow front aquarium cabinets come in a variety of designs:
All have front cabinet doors that allow for easy access inside the stand where filters and other equipment reside. Aquarium cabinets may be made of many different varieties of wood, like pine, maple, oak, cherry and others. Wooden stands with natural finishes are the most expensive varieties. You may also want to consider buying one unfinished, doing the work yourself, and saving some money. Cabinets may also be made of acrylic with various painted finishes in black, white, or ivory.

High quality bow front aquarium cabinets are an investment. Therefore, shop around and think carefully before making a final decision. Once you have made your decision, you will find that you bow front aquarium cabinet will make a rich addition to your home.



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