Why are entertainment armoires gaining popularity?

An entertainment armoire is a new twist on a classic piece of furniture with a rich history. The term "armoire" is actually French for armor. It is a large, freestanding cabinet with small feet and one or more decorative doors that are usually carved, mirrored or painted.

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They were first introduced to America by the Spanish and French immigrants in Louisiana and Texas. It is as at home in opulent settings and farmhouses. Today, the entertainment armoire can be a stunning antique in an array of styles and woods. Manufacturers craft perfect reproductions as well as contemporary pieces with lacquer finishes, faux finishes and salvaged plantation shutters. What fun!

They are prized not only for their handsome appearance, but also for their generous utilitarian shelves, drawers and nooks. They can easily accommodate a TV, CD player, DVD player, and even CD and DVD storage. They are large and grand and look good whether they are finished in a contemporary white or black lacquer or if they are made of warm woods like cherry or pine. Keep in mind, however, that some layouts are not as roomy inside. A corner armoire, for instance, may not be able to accommodate a large TV.

Price is a consideration. An armoire is an investment no matter how you look at it. You can expect to pay four or even five figures for an antique one. Even quality modern versions or reproductions can be up in the five figures. However, when you think of your entertainment armoire as an audio cabinet, a TV cabinet, storage centre and a beautiful piece of furniture, they certainly justify their price tag.



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