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Bedside cabinets do more than just look good. If you don't have a bedside cabinet you are missing out on one of the best kept secrets of the super neat and organized. Don't be left out any longer!

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If someone doesn't have a bedside cabinet you will know the moment you walk into their bedroom – even before you look where the bedside cabinet should be. How?

You will see dressers and book cabinets cluttered with "stuff" – stuff like tissue boxes, reading glasses, water glasses, medicine bottles, and more. The fact is that none of these things are pleasing to look at and they are certainly not considered part of your bedroom décor. But, you have no place to put them so they clutter up your otherwise attractive room.

The solution is simple. A bedside cabinet gives you a place to store all of your "stuff", right where you need it and out of sight. But what if you don't have one and don't have the budget to run out and buy one? Then take a look around your house. You may have a nice wood cabinet or metal cabinet that would do the trick. The cabinet doesn't have to be fancy, and it doesn't even have to match your bedroom furniture.

The only guidelines you do need to keep in mind when considering a bedside cabinet are size and doors or drawers. It is important that the cabinet not be too large and overpower your bed or the other furniture in the room. Its top should also be low enough to hold a bedside lamp at the correct height and allow you to easily place things on it while in bed. The other consideration, doors and drawers, allow you to keep your "stuff" out of sight. A bedside cabinet that is completely open only serves to bring all your "stuff" closer together, but doesn't make it any less unsightly.

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Once you have a bedside cabinet you will never want to go without one. So go ahead and start looking around your house. Your perfect bedside cabinet just may be hiding in your basement or attic.





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