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A china cabinet is the perfect way to display a collection. Don't have a collection? Chances are you have a few cherished items around your house that deserve to be shown off. Display them in a china cabinet and give them new life.

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A china cabinet is not just for the serious collector. You don't have to have a priceless collection of this or the other thing to stylishly fill a china cabinet.

You probably have some interesting and fun pieces hidden away in closets and down the basement that would nicely fill a china cabinet. Using a simple accessory or family heirloom in a different way will give you an instant and inexpensive update for your room.

Don't look at your beautiful bow front china cabinet or antique oak china cabinet and think that you can only put formal or delicate pieces in it. An everyday item can add fun and flair without any additional expense. If something has an interesting shape or wonderful colors or graphic pattern, it is perfect to show off in a curio cabinet. So go ahead and scrounge around for your forgotten treasures.

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How about that old box camera, your mom's doll or your grandfather's baseball mitt? Put it in your corner china cabinet. Only have one of your Grandmother's tea cups with a saucer? Put it in too! There are no rules. So if you like it put it in! Happy hunting.




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