Corner Cabinets are Display Cabinetry for Everyone

Thinking of buying a corner cabinet? They add extra storage and display space to even the smallest room. If you thought you didn't have room for a corner cabinet, think again!

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The corner cabinet magically gives a purpose and style to the ever neglected corner. It is a plain fact that corners are away from a house's main flow of activity.

Those long, straight walls get all the attention. Artwork is hung on them, and chests, tables, and couches fit comfortably against them. It is the corner cabinet that gives us back these precious and unused areas of our home.

Now corner cabinets or curio cabinets are not just for the collector to display china or figurines:

Today sleek wood corner cabinetry houses TV sets and audio equipment – doubling as a media cabinet. They also work well in kitchens where they can hold everything from TV sets to cook books. In bathrooms they can hold towels, soaps and a radio.

If you have an overlooked corner that you want to make stylish use of, consider a corner cabinet. Buy one new or have fun searching antique shops for period pieces. You can even make your own sleek contemporary version if you are the least bit handy.

Don't have much space? No problem! Most corner cabinetry cuts less than 2 feet in depth out of a corner. So get yourself a corner cabinet and transform a stark and boring corner into a focal point.




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