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Looking for a media cabinet? They are a great investment in your home's décor, but how do you know quality when you see it? Here are a few tips on spotting quality and when shopping for media cabinets.

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A media cabinet is an important piece of furniture in whatever room it is in. It is a large accent that is often the focal point. Because these media cabinets, entertainment cabinets or home theatre cabinets usually involve a good deal of wood, they can be a major investment. Here are a few tips on how to make the right media cabinet decision for your and your budget.

Shopping for a Media Cabinet

* Before you go shopping for your media cabinet, measure the space where the piece is to go. What is the maximum size that will fit? How about the minimum size that would look proportionate? Will the doors or drawers clear obstructions in the room? Always measure your TV, stereo, speakers and DVD equipment to make sure it will fit.

* Think color. Do you want a light or dark wood cabinet? Would you prefer a painted piece? Bring whatever color chips and fabric samples you have and bring them along when you go shopping.

* Don't be impatient. If a dealer doesn't have the exact piece you want in stock, ask about delivery times. These will usually range from days to months. While you are at it, ask about delivery and set-up charges. Some dealers offer free delivery. If the media cabinet you purchased comes unassembled is assembly included? If not, how much will it cost?

Looking for a quality media cabinet

* Stand back! The first thing to do is to simply stand back and look at the piece from a distance. This is not always easy in a crowded furniture store. Is the overall look pleasing pleasing? Is it well proportioned?

* Come a little closer! Now is the time to look at the details. Check out the hardware, and the fit around drawers and doors. Do all the doors and drawers match well with the cabinet itself?

* Take a peak under the hood. That's right; take a look underneath to get an idea of the craftsmanship. If there is rough, un-sanded wood, excess glue, exposed nails, and gaping joints then the piece has sloppy workmanship.

* Look for the label. New furniture should always be tagged with the type of construction (solid or veneer) and the wood used.

* Take a walk around. Inexpensive furniture typically has unfinished plywood stapled on the back side. This can be a big problem if you ever want to place the media cabinet in a position where the back will show. Additionally, if you intend on putting a TV inside, look for knockout panels that will accommodate a deep television set.

* Take it for a test drive. Open and close the drawers and doors. Do they open smoothly without sticking or resistance? Check to see if the media cabinet is finished inside the drawers – they should be smoothes and finished. When the doors are closed, is the gap around them narrow and even?


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