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Glass cabinets can open up your kitchen. If your kitchen cabinets are dark and heavy looking, transform your kitchen with new glass door cabinets or by simply adding glass panels to your existing doors. Either way, the change will be fabulous!

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Lovely glass cabinet doors took their design queue from curio cabinets. They let you display the interesting contents while allowing light to reach the back of the cabinet adding visual square footage to your kitchen. Don't have glass cabinet doors and don't have the money to spend on them? Not a problem, you have options.

There are two economical ways to give your kitchen the look of glass cabinets without the expense of all new cabinetry:

One option is to buy glass cabinet doors for your existing cabinetry.

This is easy to do and usually only requires new hardware. If you can't find glass cabinet doors to match the finish of your cabinets you can buy them unfinished and finish them to match. Another option is to buy the cabinet doors unfinished and paint the doors and the cabinets to match. Either way, you get a finished look.

Another, less expensive, option is available to you if you have cabinet doors with a frame design (if your cabinet doors look like a picture frame around the edges). If you cabinet door have a frame, you can have it cut out and replaced with a piece of glass. If you are handy and have the proper equipment, you can even cut the centers out yourself. You will still need to take measurements and order glass from a glass shop. For a rich look, consider a stained glass cabinet door or art glass.

Regardless of which option you choose, you will still achieve the same great effect with your glass cabinet doors. You will be amazed not only by the transformation of your kitchen, but also by how easy this project is to do.



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