Gun Cabinet - Is Your Gun Cabinet Safe?

Gun cabinets have changed drastically! Are you keeping up? If you are not, the lives of your family and friends could be at stake. Make sure your guns are stored properly today.

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The gun cabinets of today are not the gun cabinets your grandfather had in his home. Long gone are the custom wooden cabinets made of beautiful cherry or oak.

Those glass door gun cabinets did a great job of displaying their contents but did an inadequate job of keeping the guns out of curious and untrained hands. This was a deadly design flaw.

Metal gun cabinets, equipped with either key or combination locks, are a step up from the "display-type" cabinet discussed above, but a far cry from a truly secure gun safe. Depending on the quality of the locking mechanism, they are more secure than wooden gun cabinets against curious children. However, the thin-walled metal cabinets are no deterent against burglars equipped with crowbars. Their construction is similar to a metal office filing cabinet.

Gun safes are the most reliable and secure form of gun cabinet for firearm storage. However, even with gun safes, quality will vary greatly. Be sure to look at the construction, the thickness of the steel walls and the durability of the locking system. Larger gun cabinet safes can, and should, be quite heavy. That is a deterrent in itself against children and most intruders.

When shopping for your gun cabinet, give it the time and effort it deserves. Always keep in mind that having an improperly stored firearm in your home is a significant risk factor for injury and death in children and other family members. So, take it seriously.





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