Amoire - Jewelry Armoires Are More Than Just Jewelry Boxes

A jewelry armoire is the Cadillac of jewelry boxes. It can do more for you than any regular jewelry box. Not only is it a beautiful piece of furniture, but it can organize your jewelry, lingerie and makeup, helping you to get ready faster. Couldn't we all benefit from being more organized and saving time?

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A jewelry armoire is without question an attractive piece of furniture.

It has tall and statuesque lines that look equally well dressed in a contemporary lacquered design as it does in a traditional wooden oak or cherry design. But the fact that it looks good is only part of its allure. A jewelry armoire also makes organizing your jewelry easy.

Most jewelry armoires have a main area with a lid, like a traditional jewelry box, along with drawers and cabinet doors.

The top portion offers ring holders and divided areas, as do the drawers. The doors usually offer necklace hooks. Many jewelry armoires also have larger drawers to hold lingerie or brushes and makeup. Often, you will find a jewelry armoire with a mirror. Add all this together and you have everything you need to get ready for the day, or the evening.

Don't think that jewelry armoires are only for women:
They are a functional, unisex piece of cabinetry. Their cabinet designs and hardware can be bold and masculine or ornate and feminine – making them suitable for men and women. And you don't need to have lots of extra space to have a jewelry armoire. Their tall narrow design allows them to work well in bedrooms, bathrooms and walk in closets.





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