A Liquor Cabinet For Entertaining

A well stocked liquor cabinet makes the term "Why don't you stop by for a drink?" possible. If all you have to offer guests are a few old bears in the back of the fridge and a half full bottle of red wine in your pantry, it's time you paid more attention to your liquor cabinet ... and your friends!

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Historically the liquor cabinet or bar has been more about socializing with friends than overindulgence.

It has served as the heart of hospitality, where friends, old and new, could sip a drink and share stories, jokes and dreams. Add a bowl of peanuts or potato chips and the get-together was complete.

If you have a modest household, your liquor cabinet or bar could simply be a cupboard in your kitchen set aside for this purpose. Stocked with a few of the basics like wine, bear and liquor, mixers and garnishes for making the "usual" drinks, your liquor cabinet is ready to entertain friends.

f you are thinking on a more grand scale, you can use a freestanding cabinet in your dining or living room. Any cabinet you already have would do the trick. However, you may prefer a lovely wood liquor cabinet, made of oak or cherry with carved doors and legs. You may even find a nice antique piece of furniture that will accent the room.

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When deciding upon your liquor cabinet:

You need to consider a few important things. First, it should lock. Locking your liquor cabinet will keep the contents out of the hands of curious children. Second you will want to be sure that is has proper racks for wine and liquor storage.

In the not so distant past, it was the company of others, and not the TV that provided most of our entertainment. And the contents of a liquor cabinet, sensibly enjoyed, inspired great conversation and friendships.






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