Radiator Cabinets – What To Look For In A Radiator Cabinet

Want an elegant and affordable wooden radiator cabinet? If you have looked into custom cabinetry only to be shocked by the price, you should consider pre-made. There are many high quality pre-made cabinets to choose from – in every style. You just need to know what to look for.

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Most people looking for a radiator cabinet want clean and simple lines, quality workmanship and a good looking, durable wood like oak or mahogany.

The most popular styles today are either very traditional or lean toward the Shaker style or the Prairie style. You want your radiator cabinet to remain neutral in a room, remaining separate from the furniture but not competing with it. So go for clean and simple lines.

Radiator cabinets should be considered a piece of furniture in your home. Once pushed into place they become a fine looking side table, replacing the industrial looking radiator.

You will want to choose a radiator cabinet with no backside so you have easy access to your radiator.

It is important to look at the construction of your radiator cabinet. Proper joinery will assure a strong and lasting fit. Many fine cabinet manufacturers use medium-dense fibre core (MDF) covered with a veneer on the top and end panels to eliminate warping. The MDF is a cabinet grade material that is very dense and can't be damaged by the

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heat of the radiator. All other parts should be made of solid wood. All sides, inside and out, should be finished to better withstand the heat. Some manufacturers even insulate their radiator cabinets with foil backed insulation. It helps to direct the heat outward and keep the top surface cooler so you can safely place plants or books on top. Lastly, make sure your radiator cover is strong enough to sit on. It should be. Lower covers are traditionally used as window seats.





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