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Save money and save your tools with a tool cabinet! They protect your tools for a longer life and keep them out of the hands of curious children. If you have invested in good tools, you should invest in a good tool cabinet!

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Tool cabinets are the single most important piece of equipment you can buy for your work bench area. If you have tools, then you know that not only are they costly, but tools specific to your trade or hobby can be hard to find.

For these reasons it is important to care for your tools properly and keep them out of the hands of inappropriate users. Ideally, we should all have our tools safely in tool cabinets.

But the ideal is seldom the circumstance. The fact is that all too often we throw our tools on the shelf of a storage cabinet, on a table, or even (gasp!) on a tool pile in a garage cabinet. An organized tool cabinet will protect your tools from moisture, dirt and damage by other tools in the pile.

Now that you are feeling sufficiently guilty about not taking proper care of your tools, you should start looking at tool cabinets to find one that is right for you. Size is important because you will need to be able to grow into the storage. Don't buy a tool cabinet that just fits the tools you have now. Whether you are a professional in a mechanic's shop or a weekend worrier, you will inevitably buy more tools.

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Things to look for in a tool cabinet :

  • Sturdy construction – whether meal or wood
  • Places for your power tools as well as your hand tools
  • Drawers for holding everything else
  • Wheels if you will need to move it around in your workshop
  • A lock to keep your tools safe



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