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Your Adirondack porch swing will last years providing you perform yearly maintenance and safety checks. Most outdoor garden swings use cedar, redwood or cypress. Remember that these hardwoods offer resistance to moisture and insects.

Little to no additional care is required for these hardwoods, but always check the hardware to prevent unfortunate accidents.

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Many Adirondack porch swings hold more than 700 pounds making them perfect for couples. Regardless of which you choose, your Adirondack porch swing offers classic New England style that fits in with any garden or porch design.

Safety Checks on your Outdoor Lawn Swing

Adironack Porch Swing

At the end of a winter and again in the fall, check over your adult swings’ hardware. . It is imperative that you check the bolts and nuts for rust or loosening. If a bolt comes loose, the swing could fall to the ground while in use. Look at the chains for wear. Make sure the anchors holding the chains to a beam or branch are snug. Tighten any loose bolts and replace worn Adirondack porch swing hardware.

Check the wood of your porch swing for splintering or warping. Use sand paper to remove any rough patches. Consider coating the wooden boards with an environmentally friendly sealant. If boards are badly warped or cracked, replace them.

Benefits to Cypress Adirondack Porch Swings

Cedar and Redwood both repel water and insects. Cypress is even better. A cypress outdoor garden swing never needs to be treated with a waterproofing agent. Cypress trees contain cypressene oil, a preservative that prevents water from damaging the wood.

Cypress outdoor garden swings hang from a roof beam, a tree branch or come on ready-to-assemble A-frames that you can move to different areas of your yard. You’ll find many porch swings crafted from cypress both online and in stores.

Preventing Splinters on a Lawn Swing

Over time, some woods, especially pine, crack due to exposure to bitter cold temperatures, sun and rain. If you own a pine swing, a yearly coat of a waterproofing agent like Seal Rx offers environmentally friendly waterproofing. Benefits to a sealant include:

- Adds life to wooden furniture
- Adds strength to any wood
- Prevents warping
- Repels insects
- Stops cracking and splintering

Look for sealants approved by the EPA to ensure the chemicals being used are not harmful to animals or children.

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