Brick Patio Patterns …Affordable Pavers in Brick Patio Designs

Brick patio designs replace old fashioned concrete, and give a modern classy look, improved home value, long life and affordable installation.

Brick Paving Patterns – Where Art Meets Life. Homeowners have a huge selection of brick paving stones to select from…color tones from dark yellows to browns and tans and birch purples…along with subtle-to-bold brick paving stone finished textures that create a wide expanse of light-reflective and light absorbing qualities to subtly tie-in to your home and landscape.

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Step 1: Creating Your Brick Patio Design – Getting Started. Brick patio ideas leave no creative stone un-turned. Your brick patio design can form around simple geometric shapes, like squares and rectangles…or more complex curved shapes, trapezoids, or any such shape that conforms to your property’s shape, or to a new and different landscape aesthetic you have in mind.

Brick Paver Design

* Measurements. If you’re replacing an out-dated concrete patio or drive and you want the same space again, then take out your tape measure and get accurate overall measurements down to the ½ inch. Reason? To match your spatial data with the present generation of brick paving stones at about 4 inch X 8 inch and varying thickness of 1 ½ inch to 2 3/8 inch. You’ll get a 98% + accurate calculation of materials for the top surface.

Step 2: Selecting The Best Brick Patio Design And Installation Contractor. Knowledge, performance, a long list of satisfied customers, actual “product” results in the field where brick patio designs have kept form and level, and not buckled, or edges “moved” or suffered from an infusion of grass and weeds. You’ll need to see, and review, your contractor’s license, proof of workman’s comp, certificate of insurance coverage for accident and property.

Step 3: Site Preparation. Brick patterns patio designs are only as good as the time they stay true to shape and grade. And, what determines consistency in level and shape is your patio’s foundation. Professional brick patio pattern installers concentrate on grading your drive or patio area down to a true-grade level about 7 inches below the final elevation noted in your brick patio design drawings. Old material is removed. A small caterpillar scrapes to a rough level, where skilled artisans screed-level by hand until the grade is set. Leveling strings and stakes are set across the design area.

* Foundation Options. A flexible foundation, able to deal with shifts and changes in the land or even earth tremors, may be the optimum brick patio design element. Alternatively, you can save a lot of digging and opt for the rigid concrete-set foundation below your patio bricks. The permanent concrete foundation has drawbacks: if it cracks, then the top bricks move, and you’ll have to re-pour concrete. Also, if a future utility line or any landscape change is required, you’ll have to jack-hammer your concrete foundation rather than merely shift some sand and bricks with the deeper grade flex foundation.

Step 4: Brick Patio Pattern Springs To Life. No matter whether professional installer or do-it-yourselfer, some installation strategies are shared. Sand delivered to your site has to be spread to a level between 1 ½ inch to 2 3/8 inch (brick thickness) plus about ½ inches for “settling”. Screed-leveling by hand ensures a true level and uniform top surface. Your brick patio pattern is now set down, ideally down the center, working towards the edges. The best technique for edges is to lay out PVC piping to define the edge, dig a shall trough, fill with concrete, then add edge-line bricks directly into the mortar to give you a structural engineered edge to hold your patio or drive shape.

* Final Finishing Touches. Dry sand is added. The patio bricks are tamped or compacted further, in order to move the sand into every crack and to create a tight interlocked design field. Make sure that your water-test your newly constructed brick paving stones to test drainage.


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