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Consider the five main concerns when buying a canopy porch swing. They include size, shape, price, intended location and material. To ensure your new canopy swing lives up to your expectations, you must clearly think about where your swing will be located and what elements it will face.

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Location Counts

For example, canopy porch swings placed under a covered deck sees far less exposure to sun and rain than an outdoor garden swing placed on an open patio. Always decide where your swing belongs before choosing any lawn swings.

Once you have decided on the lawn swing’s location, take measurements. Do not forget extra room for the swinging motion. For gentle swinging, allow an extra four feet for the back and forth motion. If you have children, add a little more distance from walls, rails or other furniture.

The Materials Used to Build Canopy Porch Swings

You have three material choices with a canopy porch swing: wood, metal or plastic. Wood is generally the best choice, especially if you choose cedar or redwood. The woods rarely crack, splinter or warp, but resists insects and rot. In addition, wooden canopy porch swings remain cool to the touch, even on hot days.

Metal swings are durable, but heat up in the sun. There is a risk of burning if the metal becomes hot enough. Plus, metal does eventually rust if the metal’s protective paint layer chips off.

Plastic swings resist rust and moisture damage, but the plastic may crack in below zero weather.

Canopy Porch Swing

Inexpensive Lawn Swings Cost More Over Time

Canopy porch swings come in a variety of price ranges. Wooden outdoor garden swings often cost more, but it depends on the materials. Certain lumber, like cedar or redwood comes with a higher price tag than pine but last longer. Iron may cost more than lumber. For this reason, do not rule out a material because of price. Set a specific price range and shop for swings that match your needs.


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