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Canopy garden swings provide a cozy spot on a summer’s day. However, too much sun leads to sunburns and a higher risk of skin cancer. By selecting an outdoor garden swing that comes with a canopy, you can enjoy your outdoor time without risking the damaging effects of the sun.

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How to Pick a Canopy Garden Swing

Canopy garden swings come in a variety of materials including plastic, wooden and metal. Wooden canopy swings will last a long time, even in temperature extremes. Metal swings may rust over time and plastic is more likely to develop mildew. However, plastic requires no periodic checking for splinters. Metal lawn swings usually are least expensive. Pick your budget and see what is out there.

Look for a canvas canopy that has a marine rating. You want a canvas that withstands heavy rain and wind. Also, it is beneficial to choose a canvas canopy that tilts in different positions. This keeps the sun out of your eyes, even as it moves across the sky.

Look at the Outdoor Lawn Swings’ Structure

Many outdoor lawn swing kits end up seeming flimsy after assembly. When purchasing a canopy garden swing, make sure the kit comes with support brackets.

In some cases, you may not know until it is too late. Don’t despair. You can still purchase support brackets at your area hardware store. This ensures the garden swing is sturdy enough for two.

Canopy Garden Swings Fit Every Garden Design

Canopy Garden Swing

Because canopy garden swings come in a variety of colors, you can match the swing to your garden’s design. You’ll find stripes, solid colors and even wood canopies available online and in stores.

Wood canopies will last the longest and withstand powerful winds with ease. Canvas canopies offer more colors and designs.

Best Locations for Canopy Garden Swings

One of the biggest issues with a canopy garden swing occurs with strong winds. Often, the wind will tip over the entire garden swing causing damage to the framing. You can prevent this situation from occurring by placing the outdoor garden swing in an area sheltered from windy situations.

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