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Cedar porch swings provide a cozy spot for couples in a backyard garden. Enjoy the sounds of birds, a bubbling brook and the fragrant aromas of flowers from the comfort of an outdoor garden swing.

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Most cedar comes from the northwest coast where humidity and rain are common occurrences. The wood naturally resists moisture, preventing rot of your garden swing. Natural oils within the wood prevent you from needing to stain or treat your outdoor wooden furniture. In addition, cedar oils repel insects like moths, termites and stinging insects.

Constructing an outdoor porch swing from cedar provides years of quality and durability. Moreover, cedar stays cool to the touch, even on a hot summer’s day.

What to Look for in a Cedar Porch Swing

Always check the quality of the cedar used in the outdoor garden swing. Wood mills should cut cedar by following the grain; this helps prevent cracks. The wood used for the cedar swing should be sanded to prevent scratches.

Cedar Porch Swing

If you shop for your outdoor porch swing in a local store, sit down and try the swing out for comfort. With a variety of designs, you may find one format suits you better than another may. Adirondack garden swings tend to slant back for a more relaxed position, while Mission porch swings offer a modern, clean-lined look.

Cedar garden swings generally come in two formats: hanging or A-frame. Some outdoor garden swings hang from a tree limb or overhead beam. You attach support brackets to the overhead beam and then the swing suspends freely from chains. With a free-hanging swing, you generally locate the swing in one spot. It is harder to move it around.

A-frame lawn swings have a matching frame to which the swing hangs. A-frame outdoor garden swings offer flexibility. You can move them from a patio or deck out into the yard.

All ages love garden swings. Read a book to your child while enjoying fresh air or cuddle up with your loved one after a romantic dinner. Enjoy the cooler night air after a hot, humid summer day. With a cedar porch swing, you’ll spend more time outside chatting with passers by and neighbors.

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