Deck Maintenance – Deck Stains, Seals, and Waterproof Coatings ...

With deck maintenance do stains, seals, waterproofing and extensive cleaning all come to mind? Yes, it is true that deck maintenance can be handled with deck stains, seals, and waterproofing, but to reduce some of the cleaning, consider stain (as in dirt stain) prevention and other precautions.

That is if you want your deck's appearance to remain as fresh as its first year. You may also want to consider deck tiles for fast deck remodeling.

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Prepping your Deck for Hotter Weather – Deck Cleaning

Getting out and getting ready can be a fun task. One of the first steps you should take in the spring season to start dressing up your deck would be to do a thorough deck cleaning.

Deck Maintenance

There are many different opinions out there about what to use or not to use when cleaning your deck. Especially when it comes to pressure washers, doing the research and deciding for yourself may be the best thing for you on this topic.

Check with your local home center. Buy a deck cleaner that they recommend, and follow the instructions that are provided with the product. Be sure to advise the staff of what type of lumber was used to build your deck. Some chemicals should not be used on certain surfaces.

Another option would be to hire a professional deck cleaner. Although a costly alternative to doing it yourself, the results will be rewarding.

Be sure to sweep your deck frequently. Leaves and other parts of trees and plants, if left for long periods of time, will cause stains and could be very difficult to remove and will create more hassle in your deck's maintenance.

Deck Stains and Deck Seals – More on Deck Maintenance

Here you will find several tips on the application of deck stains and seals. Most "dexperts" recommend that you do this at least once a year or every other year to keep your deck looking its best.

Before you begin to apply the wood deck stain or seal, be sure that you have properly prepared your deck for staining. The surface should be clean and dry. It should also be free of mildew. This requires some inspection especially in hard to see areas. That is where mildew or rotting usually occurs first.

If you are using more than one can of deck stain, which you probably will, you will want to mix all of the different cans together before applying the coating. In doing this you will be certain that the same color will appear over the entire deck.

The above mentioned procedures should be done annually or bi-annually, for best deck maintenance results. Check with your deck manufacturer for extensive deck care tips. They will offer more product specific instructions.



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