Composite Decking – Wood Deck Alternatives

Composite decking is an almost maintenance free alternative to wood. When it comes to maintaining a deck there is a great deal of work involved, but with this decking material, you can relax in the sun without all the hassle.

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What is Composite Decking?
The combination of natural recycled wood and plastic are the components that create composite decking. This decking material is an environmentally friendly material that has grown and continues to grow in popularity.

These materials appear to have a genuine wood grain, but are invulnerable to the horrors associated with an all natural wood deck. No need to worry about rotting, warping, or even termite infestation. You can walk barefoot without splinters, making composite decking appealing to the areas around your pool or hot tub, but do be careful of slippery conditions.

Composite Decking

Caring for your Composite Wood Deck

Composite decking requires low maintenance, some manufacturers claim "no maintenance" but this is false. However, some do not require sealants or stains.

As stated above these decks do not warp or rot easily. At least, this is what the advertisers tell you, but be wary of some manufacturers because there are brands that will rot. For certainty that you are buying a rot protected composite decking material, ask the manufacturer about the preservatives blended into the wood and vinyl/plastic components during production.

Cleaning your deck can be as easy as applying a simple detergent found at common home centers. For spot specific care you may want to try some of the following suggestions:

  • For Oil and Grease Stains: A household degreasing agent.
  • For Wine Stains: Use bleach and hot water.
  • For Molds: Use a Deck Cleaner ... There are treatments that will prevent the mold from growing again ... intermittent cleaning of the deck stops build up of mold causing elements such as pollen.
  • Snow and Ice: Rock salt will melt the ice, but it will also leave white residue, simply rinse with soapy water when the opportunity presents itself.

Composite Decking by Comparison

In comparison composite decking is more expensive than real wood. The money saved will become obvious over long periods of time with maintenance costs. One highly recommended manufacturer of composite decking is Trex.

Some people are afraid they will not be able to cut or drill into this wood deck alternative, but there are many types that can be manipulated just the same as real wood.

There is much to discern with any major construction. Investigate all areas of these products before determining which is best for you.


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