Custom Deck – A Custom Deck Built and Designed Specifically For Your Home ...

A custom deck design should be an expression of you. After all it is an extension of your living space. If you enjoy being outside, this will be the part of the house that is unique to your home ... like no other.

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Maybe you have a flourishing garden, or a favorite tree that you would hate to have cut down. A custom deck will give you the opportunity to build around the landscaping. Leaving your most treasured attributes unscathed.

Some time alone in your back yard with the sunshine and a book, or perhaps a party with friends, family and neighbors? A custom deck will be the place to bathe in the sun, read a book, or entertain.

Custom Deck

Searching through plan after plan, you will be amazed at the many choices presented to you. Consider adding a trellis for hanging plants or growing ivy, a gazebo for romantic ventures and perfect pictures. One level, multiple levels, winding staircases, the options are limitless.

The largest deck builder in the nation is the company known as Archadeck® pronounced Ark-a-deck. This company makes custom decks, sunrooms, gazebos, pergolas, pool decks and more. They design the outdoor living space to match the landscape and original architecture of your home.

Archadeck® uses low maintenance composite decking. An alternative to wood that is easier to care for and less likely to rot, warp, splinter, or become infested with termites. Some other decking materials they use are cedar, pine, redwood, hardwood and more. All are quality products and are built to withstand the elements and many years of use.

The Archadeck® name has built over 60,000 custom decks. There are 87 offices in the United States, Japan, Canada and the United Kingdom. To find out more about this company and their services visit their website (

Enhance the appearance of your pool with a custom pool deck. The finishing touch to your backyard resort, just what your swimming area needs to suddenly become a luxurious resting ground.

Whether you want a simple single leveled deck lined with benches, or a complex piece of work with multi-levels, screened in rooms and pergolas, your custom deck will be your home just outside your home.

Your warm weather days will be even more enjoyable with a place to spend them without ever having to leave your address. This will be your sanctuary in nature, the place where you can forget your worries, and take up refuge. Sip on a cup of coffee in the mornings. Drink iced tea on hot afternoons. Grill your favorite foods.


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