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Deciding on a deck swing depends on where you live. In humid climates, such as Seattle, Florida or the Caribbean, you need outdoor deck swings that resist moisture problems like mildew growth and wood rot.

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Cedar’s Natural Waterproofing Quality

When you live in a humid climate, cedar wood swings are the best choice. Inside a cedar tree is natural oil that acts as a waterproofing agent. Cedar resists insect damage and mildew growth while naturally repelling water.

While deck swings crafted out of kiln-dried cedar are slightly more expensive than pine or metal lawn swings, you will find they withstand the humidity better than other swings on the market. Your lawn swing will last decades without showing any ill effects from the excessive moisture in the air.

Plastic Garden Swings

Some manufacturers use plastic to create comfortable deck swings. This form of lawn or outdoor garden swing is durable and typically outlasts metal or wood swings by decades. It is a great choice for humid climates providing you take care of the plastic finish.

There is a downfall to plastic, however. It isn’t mildew resistant. You will need to wash dust, dirt and pollen from the plastic deck swing periodically. Use a solution of ¼ cup bleach to 1 gallon of water to kill mildew. You will need to do this frequently in humid areas, but bleach works wonders on removing mildew stains from plastic furniture.

Bamboo Swings for Patios and Decks

Bamboo deck swings are lightweight, sturdy and offer an appealing look to a deck or porch. Bamboo contains natural antibacterial properties that help repeal mildew and mold spores making this a nice choice for humid areas.

Deck Swing

The downfall to bamboo is that wood boring insects love it. If you choose a bamboo garden swing, make sure it is treated with wood preservatives. You will need to apply them on a yearly basis to keep insects away.

Be Wary of Metal Swings

In humid areas, avoid metal deck swings. Even though many have rustproof paint, it will chip or scratch and rust will set in quickly in extreme humidity.


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