Deck Designs and Plans – Building a Deck?

Looking for deck designs and plans? Look no further, here you will find answers to your questions and more. A deck is a wonderful way to expand your entertaining space, spend a sunny afternoon, or sip your coffee in the mornings.

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Deck construction should be planned thoroughly. So, before you grab your credit cards and head out to your favorite home center you will want to think through a few things.

Deck designs consist of several components.

First in deck design will be Location:

  • Will it be in the rear, side, or front of your home?
  • Where does the sun rise and fall ... how much exposure to sun light do you want the deck to have?
  • How close is it to your neighbor's house or even their view? Will this be cause for awnings or privacy walls?
  • Is the deck attached to the house, garden, or a pool?
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    Second, determine the Deck Plan Type:

    • Is it going to be free standing or attached to your home?
    • Is it going to be a multi-leveled or a single level deck?
    • Will it be at ground level or raised?
    • Will you have railings?
    • What decking materials will you use, ie composite decking, decking tiles, wood or vinyl?

    The next step in your deck design will be the size of your deck. You will need to check with your local building department to find out if you will need building permits. There may be restrictions on how large your deck can be and how close to a neighbor's house it can be built. Also check with local utility companies for underground line location.

    How will you access your deck?

    • Do you already have a door to use if it is attached to your home?
    • Do you need to build a door?
    • If you need to add sliding doors to your home, you will want to do this task before you begin building the deck.
    • How will you access the deck from the yard?
    • Will there be stairs? (if it is a raised deck)
    • Will you have a need for special access ... like a ramp?

    The rest of the considerations for your deck design revolve around what you are using your deck for most and the appearance of your deck. Will you be cooking on the deck? Entertaining on the deck? Will small children play on the deck?

    Deck plans are not a simple task. They should be discerned again and again, before beginning to build. The reward ... is a safe place for your family to enjoy the nature that surrounds the home. Breathe in fresh air, spend time together.


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