DIY Conservatory – Do It Yourself – Planning a Conservatory

Two common reasons why one may build a DIY conservatory are saving money and personal satisfaction.

Nothing feels more rewarding than accomplishing such a feat on one's own. A DIY conservatory can be bought in a kit from conservatory suppliers all over the world. If you are a do-it-yourselfer this could be one of the best projects you have ever undertaken.

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First determine what style of conservatory best compliments the architectural structure of your home. Perhaps a Victorian conservatory, or an Edwardian conservatory?

There are advantages and disadvantages to a self build project.

Advantages of DIY Conservatories

  • You are in control of the entire project, thus the final outcome. No rushing to meet deadlines resulting in errors or poor construction.
  • Saving nominal amounts of money. Construction materials are not cheap, but the conservatory price without a contractor will be much less.

DIY Conservatory

Disadvantages of DIY Conservatories

  • There will be no professional on site to assist you coming up on problems. However, there are "ask and expert" help lines available, when purchasing supplies determine if your supplier offers such a thing.
  • You are your worst critic. This can get in the way of appreciating the task at hand. Be gentle with yourself when criticizing your work and it should not be as difficult.

Before you begin building any DIY conservatory in the UK it is necessary to inquire about permission planning. Below are some tips for such building regulations but it is highly recommended you seek local consult on this manner.

With most properties there is a development limit that falls usually between 50 and 70 cubic metres. As long as your plan does not exceed this limit you will not need permission planning. However, if other additions have been made on your property in the past, this limit may have already been met. Before constructing your DIY conservatory, determine any past additions and check all records regarding your property.

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