Deck Drainage System – Deck Draining Could Mean More Dry Outdoor Space ...

Considering a deck drainage system? Here you will find out how and why you will benefit if you choose to add one to your deck.

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How Do Deck Drainage Systems Work?

Essentially a deck drainage system is much like having a gutter system underneath your deck. There are plastic or aluminum channels placed underneath the deck boards. Water running between the deck boards (works the same for vinyl and aluminum decking) is collected in these channels. The water then runs down the channel and away from the under deck area.

Some customer reviews advise the consumer to be careful what type you decide to buy. Some deck drainage systems have flat channels. In a flat channel debris can collect and the water passes over it which can lead to clogging and even deck deterioration. Be certain that the system you purchase has round channels or v-shaped channels to avoid this particular problem.

The space under your deck will become a useable area. Maybe a place for you to store things. In addition these systems provide weather protected areas to place wiring for deck lighting.

There are many deck drainage systems on the market today.

Deck Drainage System Brands

Deck Drainage

To assist you with creating your outdoor room, here you will find a few of the top brands. All of these brands have had excellent reviews by their customers. They promise to lead the water out and beyond your under deck area leaving a dry space for you to relax.

The DEK Drain® system was created by Keith Risser. He is known as an expert in home improvement. This man set out to create a deck drainage system that would top all others and according to some customer reviews this is precisely what he has done. They say that this particular system is: easy to install, less expensive than other choices, leak proof, and made from durable materials. All of these characteristics would be hard to beat.

Dry-B-Lo® is a name that is highly rated among those that use it ... they are constantly innovating their products to assure you get the best system available. They have rounded channels, can withstand heavy loads of ice, and ventilate air appropriately. The Dry-B-Lo® company created a new "Hidden Channel System". This is a deck drainage system that cannot be seen but still does the job, giving the appearance of your outdoor room a touch of elegance.

There are many other deck drainage system brands out there but be sure to look for the key characteristics that make it a reliable, long lasting, cost effective purchase.



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