Victorian Conservatory – The Classic or Edwardian Conservatory ...

Although similar in style and design the Victorian conservatory is slightly different than the Edwardian conservatory. However, both are classic to their respective era.

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A Victorian conservatory is usually topped with a decorative finial, and pieced together with equal segmented windows. This style is one that can be added to any home or property. An elegant bespoke conservatory will enhance any estate.

An Edwardian conservatory is also segmented but in a boxed pattern unlike the Victorian conservatory's geometrical shape. It is also an addition that will improve the property and provide extra space for sitting, reading, or entertaining.

When building a Victorian conservatory, consider timber, oak or mahogany as your construction materials. Using this material will replicate the old classic style more distinctly. Other materials are available, if cost is an issue, you may want to look into UPVC conservatory supplies.

Other than Victorian conservatories there are several other styles used to design and build these same structures. There are Lean-Tos or Home Extenders, there are P-shaped Victorian and L Shaped Edwardian. Consult with an expert to determine which of these styles will compliment your home's architectural characteristics.

Also when deciding on your conservatory style, keep in mind the larger the structure the higher the cost. Financial restrictions may make this decision easier. Find out conservatory price quotes on each style.


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