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Choose from a wide array of decking materials to fit your style and your budget. According to Consumer Reports magazine you should learn about all the decking material options; determine finances, and select a product that will complement your home's exterior.

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Types of Decking Materials

There are four main categories of decking materials. These categories consist of Aluminum, Composite, Plastic/ Vinyl, and Solid Wood.

Aluminum: An aluminum deck is made with metal planks that interlock. The appearance fits best with a modern style home. It is great for easy cleaning but it attracts more dirt than others. In comparison with other decking materials it is more expensive.

Composite: A composite decking material is made up of a combination of plastic and wood. The appearance is similar to natural wood. Some of them need to be treated for the "realistic wood look" to be emphasized. It is a heavy weight material, but it offers few limitations on your construction styles.

Plastic/Vinyl: A plastic/vinyl deck may be made from recycled plastic, like milk jugs or detergent bottles. This makes this choice an environmentally friendly purchase. It can also be constructed from PVC or polyethylene. The surface is usually smooth but can be given a patterned look with proper molding. These plastic decking materials are lightweight and come in white, neutral colors, and wood-grain. They are essentially slip-resistant, and do not absorb much water or moisture. They are less expensive than aluminum, but more expensive than all other material options.

Deck Materials

Solid Wood: This decking material is made from an assortment of different trees. Cedar, redwood, and tropical hardwoods, such as Brazilian, are more expensive than the more common pressure-treated pine. But they have a more attractive grain and have a more durable quality. These materials are prone to splitting and cracking. They also require annual deck treatments making maintenance more work.

Now that you have explored decking material options you can make a decision based on the appearance of the finished product, how much money you are willing to spend, and how much time is available toward maintaining the deck.

Building a deck is a task that will benefit with many rewards. It does not only increase the value of your home, but also expands the space you have for living.



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