Metal Porch Swing - Tips for Assembling Garden and Patio Swings

Buying a metal porch swing generally requires assembly once you get it home. For some, assembly projects are little more than a jigsaw puzzle, others dread the time consuming task. Learn how to make metal garden swing assembly easy.

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Keep Basic Tools on Hand

While the metal porch swing box might say the kit assembles with a screwdriver and hammer, have other tools on hand. Tools that come in useful include:

- Adjustable wrench
- Complete screwdriver set
- Drill and metal drill bits
- Pliers
- Wooden block

A reputable company pre-drills holes and lines them up well. However, it is not unheard of for pilot holes to need re-drilling to remove metal burrs or incompletely drilled sections.

You may end up stripping the ends of a screw, especially if aluminum hardware is used. Pliers help remove stripped screws; alternative screwdriver tips work effectively in threading them the rest of the way in.

An adjustable wrench is great for holding nuts while you tighten down bolts on your outdoor garden swing. On the off chance your tool slips and scratches the paint job, have touch up paint in a matching or similar color on hand. This helps eliminate rust.

Few assembly instructions include a wooden block. If you have parts that need to be hammered together, placing a wooden block between the metal part and the hammer prevents damage to the metal.

Read the Instructions Completely

Before starting your metal patio swing assembly, read the instructions from front to back. Occasionally, assembly instructions seem out of order or contain information further on that would have been helpful earlier on.

A common problem involves tightening down hardware on a lawn swing, only to find later that is a last step. By tightening down screws and bolts as you progress, you make it harder to get pieces to match up later in the process.

Porch Metal Swing

Double Check Inventory

There is nothing worse when building metal porch swings than having the swing half assembled and discovering a piece is missing. Many stores refuse to refund money if the metal patio swing’s assembly has begun.

Assembly instructions include a listing of materials. Go through that checklist and make sure everything is included. If pieces are missing, call the toll-free number listed in the packaging. Alternatively, return the item to the store for a replacement.

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