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When shopping for an outdoor porch swing, there are a number of things to consider. You want a porch swing that’s comfortable, lasts a long time, meets your aesthetic needs, assembles easily and is easy to install.

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Choosing the Perfect Outdoor Porch Swing Frame

Comfort is the ultimate goal for anyone using an outdoor porch swing. You want a seat that doesn’t cut off circulation to the legs, that supports your back at a natural position and provides enough seating space for your needs.

Outdoor porch swing’s seating areas range from 1½ feet to 3 feet in depth. If you are the type who likes to tuck a foot under you as you sit down, you’ll want a seat with more depth. Those who swing with their feet flat on the floor will have no problem with a narrower seat.

The slats on your outdoor porch swing should be angled, especially in the backrest. Lawn swings are most comfortable when they allow a degree of reclining.

Other things to look for:

- Cushions and pillows enhance your comfort and are a great investment.
- Horizontal supports should be located under the slats to provide extra support.
- Spacing on the slats should be enough to allow air to move freely and water to drain away after a rainstorm.
- Weight limit of the chair. If it’s a three-person swing, make sure the swing can handle the weight load that would regularly use it.

Wooden Porch Swing

Assembly and Installation

If your outdoor porch swing requires assembly, open the box before you leave a store. Read over the directions and make sure the necessary pieces, including hardware, are included. If you purchase it online, read reviews to see if others found the assembly easy or challenging.

Make sure you measure the area twice to avoid mistakes. Have the measurements handy when shopping for an outdoor porch swing. You want a swing that fits into the area leaving space on each side. If you hang outdoor porch swings and then realize you are too close to a wall or rail, relocating hardware leaves holes that will need patching.

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