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One way to make a deck more versatile is adding awnings. Retractable awnings will provide even more versatility, choose sun or shade when desired.

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Worried about getting burned? Not with patio awnings, they will protect from UV rays but still let warmth through. Sun can be harmful when exposed for long periods of time. Protect yourself and your loved ones from the dangers of the sun with a patio shade cloth.

Types of deck awnings vary from different materials, styles, and even names. Below are brief descriptions of a few of the numerous types:

Retractable Awnings

This type of awning is built on a folding-arm frame, and is not supported by vertical beams or bars. A retractable awning can be folded in or out by a pulley system. Some pulley systems are motorized making this task easier. Some are even on a sensor and will retract when winds reach high speeds.

There are many reasons why people choose retractable awnings. They offer the option of open sky or cover. Easily protected from weather damage, because when they are retracted fast winds, heavy rains and snows cannot damage them as easily.

Aluminum Awnings

Patio Awning

A more permanent structure is the aluminum awnings. Usually more popular as patio covers than on decks, but still provide you with an outdoor living space, much like an indoor one. No need to worry about bringing in the patio furniture when the rain starts to fall. One might say this is more like a deck roof than an awning, but when it comes to inclement weather, any anxiety you have over caring for cloth awnings can seize with aluminum. Attractive and durable, important characteristics of awnings, all found in this type.

Shade Cloth/Patio Shades

These are a less expensive alternative to awnings. Not meant for protection from weather, other than mild winds, but as its name states, will shield from harmful UV rays. Shade cloths and patio shades can be dropped or raised at any time, providing "shade" when desired. They hang from a wooden frame by way of hooks and grommets. They are manufactured to protect as little as 30% UV rays all the way up to 90%. The choice is yours.

Decorate your home with elegant awnings. Available in plaids, stripes of all colors, or even just solid colors. Select the ones that compliment your garden, your home, your pool. Fabric selection is the key to accomplishing the deck, porch or patio's attractiveness.


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