Brick Patios – Creating Brick Patio Designs? Brick Laying Patterns and Techniques ...

For centuries brick patios have dawned the landscapes of many people's homes.

When designing your brick patio, there are many different ways to lay bricks. From formal smooth surfaces, to more rugged looks. Buying salvaged bricks from a mason yard and scattering them in an unorganized manner will create a casual relaxed atmosphere.

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There are a number of common patterns that people use when laying bricks, keep in mind that patio pavers such as concrete or patio stones, follow similar techniques if cut appropriately.

Common Brick Laying Patterns and Techniques:

  • Jack on Jack: All of the bricks are lined up precisely with one another.
  • Running Bond: Most common brick laying method
  • Basket Weave: The bricks are laid two vertical, two horizontal, two vertical ... etc.
  • Half Basket Weave: The bricks are laid two vertical, one horizontal, two vertical ... or vice versa ...
  • Herringbone

Diagonal Herringbone : also known as the 45 degree herringbone

  • Like a herringbone necklace ...
  • Pinwheel

Pictures of these patterns are available at your loca l library or even online.

  • With a wet-cutting masonry saw, focus on detail, and time, any pattern can be accomplished. Jack on Jack is the easiest to install and requires the least amount of cutting. The pinwheel pattern requires every fifth brick be half the size. Unless you 've already bought the bricks pre-cut, you will be spending a lot of time with the masonry saw.

Brick Patio

The type of brick you use should correlate well with your climate. Bricks are rated in relevance to strength. If you live in an environment with freezing temperatures be sure the bricks you use are rated SX. If you live in a warm climate use bricks rated MX. For more information about these ratings and how to determine the rating of your bricks, consult your dealer.

A brick patio is easy to design and can be done in a variety of different ways. Decorate your new brick patio with Adirondack chairs.



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