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Inexpensive yet attractive, a concrete patio will be enjoyed for many years to come. With a concrete patio, there are so many ways to manipulate the concrete to create the surface of your dreams.

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There are paving slabs that are made of concrete but look like other paving materials, such as bricks, adobe, and more. The difference in this material is cost. Concrete is less expensive, less difficult to build with and easier to repair.

Decorating Concrete for Patios

With all of the dyes, stains, and texturing methods that can be used to enhance the face of concrete, your patio will not look like the garage floor. Decorative concrete pavers that interlock are made to look like other patio pavers. These pavers are made to resemble adobe, flagstone and others.

Deck chairs require very little space, leaving more room open for multiple pieces of furniture. They can also be used for multiple purposes such as dining


Pigments can be added to the concrete at a number of stages in the patio's construction process. You can add dyes to dry concrete mix, wet concrete mix before it is poured, or even during the floating stage. There are waxes, stains, and paints for after the concrete patio has been poured if you later decide to add color .

Texturing Concrete Patios

Using wire brushes, or even towels to create a unique rough surface on concrete is another way to customize your concrete patio. Sometimes concrete paving blocks are dried around loose gravel creating another texture design and pattern. Options are limitless with this paving material.

A concrete patio has its advantages and disadvantages, but over all it is a highly recommended material used for paving patios, driveways, and walkways. For more information about concrete, how to mix, how to texture and tint, you may want to visit your local home center.



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