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Patio covers are the answer to keeping the fun outside, even when the sun is not shining. Enjoy the outside of your home without being forced indoors by weather.

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The patio site says a lot about the opportunity of patio covers. Most are built close to the house, and use the house as a supporting structure for the cover. Or maybe even an already existing eave from the home can be used for the patio's roof. The style your patio covers create are only limited to your imagination.

Patio covers do not have to cover the entire patio, but may extend only half way, so the choice to soak up the rays, or rest in the shade is still yours. A patio cover offers protection of your patio materials. They will last longer when not exposed to as much sun or rain.

Deck chairs require very little space, leaving more room open for multiple pieces of furniture. They can also be used for multiple purposes such as dining

Patio Covers

With the selection of patio covers on the market, finding the type that suits your needs will not be difficult. Whether you just want a roof over your head, or a style defining structure there are plenty of choices for you to sort through.

Wood Patio Covers

Wood is found all through nature, and has a beauty like no other product. If you don't much mind the task of maintenance this is the patio cover material for you. Caring for your wood patio cover will require a lot of time if you want optimum use. But the elegance and romantic nature of the structure will make up for the work put into it.

Aluminum Patio Covers

An inexpensive, yet effective, patio cover is made from aluminum. These covers can be permanent or even adjustable, much like a retractable awning. Most of the retractable covers are on motorized systems that work very similarly to garage doors. They are offered in many different color options from white to blue depending on the manufacturer.

The beauty of aluminum patio covers is the easy maintenance. Cleaning is as easy as spraying them with the garden hose. This activity is not very extensive or time consuming and can be easily done when watering the lawn or garden.

Vinyl Patio Covers

Also referred to as canopy covers, are vinyl top patio covers. These are not recommended for more than three season protection, but can easily be taken down for winter storage. One manufacturer of vinyl top patio covers is Screenhousesunlimited® visit their website for more information about their products.

Visit your local home center, or library, for more resources about the patio covers available today.


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