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Outdoor garden swing cushions must be waterproof and mildew resistant. If you overlook these important qualities, you’ll end up needing to replace those cushions every year or two. Damage from exposure to sun, rain, wind, ice and snow cause fabric to tear, fade and develop mold and mildew.

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There are four key factors you must consider when purchasing outdoor garden swing cushions. If you pay attention to material, filler and stitching, you will have lawn swing pillows that will last years. Picking pillow cushions with removable covers allows for quick cleaning.

The Best Material for Outdoor Garden Swing Cushions

Whenever possible, choose outdoor garden swing cushions made from PVC coated materials like canvas. Canvas is extremely durable and is used regularly in marine applications like boat covers. Canvas does not rip or tear easily and having a PVC coating repels rainwater adding years to the fabric’s life.

If you cannot find PVC covered outdoor garden swing cushions, waterproof outdoor pillows with a protective spray, such as Fabric Guard. The spray repels water and mildew. It works on fabrics like wool, silk, canvas, suede and leather.

Purchase Pillows Filled with Dacron

Dacron is used in some material blends like wool to help prevent shrinking, but it also works as filler for pillows. Made from polyester fibers, Dacron is water resistant, durable, resilient to damage by chemicals like bleach and inhibits mildew growth.

Many outdoor garden swing cushion manufacturers use Dacron inside of their pillows. Check the label and make sure the cushion you like contains Dacron as filler.

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Pillow Seams Count on Stitching Strength

When possible, look for outdoor garden swing cushions that are double stitched. Many companies cut costs by doing one round of machine stitching. While the pillow looks great, the stitching will wear and leave gaps allowing the filling to escape.

Your lawn swing pillows will last longer if the manufacturer double-stitches all seams. It adds a second layer of machine stitching for strength.

Clean Up's a Breeze with Removable Covers

If you choose outdoor lawn swing cushions with removable covers, you’ll save plenty of effort keeping them clean. Look for a garden swing cushion that allows you to unzip the cover, throw it in the washer and dryer and then put it back on the cushion. Clean up is a snap, especially in months when pollen counts are high.

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