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Roast marshmallows over an open flame with a patio firepit. Outdoor barbecues make cooking more fun and some will even say the food tastes better.

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Outdoor patio firepits extend the amount of time your deck or patio can be used. Why? They offer warmth and comfort on colder evenings. Just when you think it is time to move indoors, light your fireplace and stay beneath the starry sky.

Patio firepits, fireplaces, and barbecues range from permanent brick and stone structures to simple metal grills on wheels, to even smaller hibachis. Some are sunken pits of concrete with a grate on top for cooking. The types and styles vary immensely.

Patio Fire Pit

A permanent outdoor fireplace will increase the value of the home, while portable barbecues can be moved from deck to patio or from home to home. Portable grills and fireplaces are more appropriate if you are renting, but homeowners should consider a more lasting structure.

Brazier patio firepits are another option. There is nothing like an open fire to gather around or gaze into. These pits are raised with a steel bowl that holds the wood for burning. Add a spark guard, which is like a screen lid, as a safety precaution. The portability of these fireplaces means you can choose its placement day to day, from the swimming pool deck to the garden lanai.

Consider the deck or patio materials used when deciding on the patio firepit or grill that works best for you. Gas-fueled are recommended for patio decks made of wood or composite decking because the flames are more controllable and lessen the risk of starting a fire.

Outdoor patio fireplaces when not in use are a focal point, adorning them with potted plants and statues create an admirable focal point.



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