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Install a flagstone patio and create a charming landscape. Flagstone is a generic term referring to any large flat stone that ranges between one and four inches thick. These stones are formed by splitting or cutting. Flagstones are primarily sandstone, limestone, granite, quartzite, slate, or phorphyry.

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You can purchase flagstone in many random shapes, or squares, rectangles, and geometrics, also in a variety of colors. The colors vary by the type of stone.

Split stones are recommended because they have a bumpy surface providing a slip resistant surface. This means they are much less slippery than any smooth stone surface.

Building a flagstone patio yourself will be a rewarding task. Walkways, patios, and paths are easily thrown together just by placing the stone on top of soil. Another option is setting it in gravel or sand. A more classic and formal look is achieved when using a mortar (more on this process below) to adjoin them.

Flagstone patios may be difficult to build because this patio material varies so greatly in thickness. Flagstone is naturally known as a pain in the rear end material. Because of their varying sizes the flagstones are placed in an adjoining compound called mortar ( a slow hardening mixture of lime, sand , and water ) , a s the mortar settles so does the flagstone. The mortar is used to level the surface of the flagstone patio.

Flagstone Patio

It is recommended that you purchase all of the building materials and take the time to sort through them until you have found the thickest piece. This piece will indicate the amount of mortar needed for all of the other pieces in order to make the patio's surface flat.

Placement of the flagstone patio can be done in many different patterns. Viewing a few pattern examples online may help you with your design plan. Visit the Vinci Stone Products, Inc.'s website for sample drawings.

Visit a stone yard to purchase flagstone for your patio building. They will have rows of flagstone sorted by the stone type and the size. It is recommended that you purchase stones quarried in the vicinity of your building site. This will ensure that the stones will be appropriate for the weather patterns in your area.

For even more tips on installing a flagstone patio you may want to visit your local stone yard or home center. Here you can discuss techniques and other options with their staff.



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