French Patio Doors – An Exterior or Sliding French Door

Open your French patio doors and greet your guests with an exclamatory Bon Jour! These doors are noted for their classic charm and elegance.

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French patio doors are double doors which the majority of the door area is made up of one or more panes of glass surrounded by a frame. One or both doors swing open on hinges. They are usually made of wood, and some metal clad exteriors for weather resistance and durability.

When deciding to use French patio doors, it is important that there is enough room for the doors to swing open either swinging out or in. If space is limited, you may want to consider a French style sliding door. These doors still have the same appearance and charm of the French patio doors, but they operate on a track and slide open requiring less space for opening.

Patio French Doors

Some French patio doors are available in steel or aluminum. These doors do not require as much maintenance as a traditional one made of wood requires. All the charm and character is still present.

One recommended dealer of these style doors is Peachtree® Doors and Windows. Visit their website to get an idea of what these doors look like as well as other options.




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