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A decorative addition to any patio or deck is a pergola. Latticework tops or simply spaced rafters offer glimpses of sunlight. Vines, flowers, and hanging plants adorning these structures offer more shade protection and beauty.

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A pergola is an overhead structure that is attached to another structure, such as the house, garage, or greenhouse. Not to be confused with an arbor, this is a free standing construction.

The intricate patterned latticework on the pergola determines how much sunlight will sneak through, and the options of how to design them are unlimited.

A great way to connect two parts of the garden is a pergola, for instance, your flowerbeds and your herb gardens. Enhance flowerbeds with a garden pergola. The flowers or plants in your garden that do not require as much sun can be beautifully furnished with this structure, a new focal point of the back yard. They are added beautifully to patio decking or garden decking.

It can be built out of many different materials, from wood, bricks and stones to plastic such as vinyl or PVC. A wooden pergola can be painted or stained for that unique custom look. A few popular choices of lumber used to construct them are cedar, redwood, and pressure treated pine, however there are more available.

A pergola can be used as an alternative to an umbrella, although a more permanent fixture. Ultimately it serves very similar purpose ... some shade but with an open air. Most deck owners choose these structures to bring new life to their decks, building them many years after.


Cover an open patio completely using a pergola, and create a wonderful place to sit, relax, and enjoy the outdoors. Grape vines are often seen growing along the tops of pergolas. This will be a place to for new plant ideas.

Thinking of building a pergola? Purchase a pergola kit. A vinyl kit is available through Backyard America. Locate this manufacturer and more easily online.


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